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Giving Jesus to society

Short Reflection by George Calleja

Today’s society puts a big challenge on our faith. We might feel that our faith is threatened.

This is the challenge we are to face on a daily basis. If built on a solid rock our relationship with Jesus will not break by any threat. Our faith depends on our relationship with Jesus.

We are to be responsible to increase our relationship with Jesus so to strengthen our faith. We are to find the ways and means to nurture our faith. Deep in our heart, we know what we should do to nurture our faith, we know whom to seek, and where to go. Jesus has told us what to do. The question is, are we doing it? Are we letting society influencing our faith? Or, we are letting our faith influencing society?

Nurturing our faith is each person responsibility and is possible when one seeks Jesus in a personal way. The love and peace that you receive from Jesus is a gift for you to give to others. Giving Jesus to others, is giving Jesus to society, is changing society.

You are part of society, and have the responsibility to change society by giving Jesus!

In peace and unity,
George Calleja

To view further reflections about life, kindly visit the website ‘Peace and unity in our lives’ through the following link: https://sites.google.com/site/peaceinunity/

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