By loving one’s neighbour, you are on the way to heaven

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Have you ever seen a movie, where Saint Peter is seen at the gate of heaven checking out who is able to enter heaven? I always wondered what kind of checklist does Saint Peter has to assess who can enter heaven or not. This kind of imagination has for sure passed through our minds. It sounds humorous, but in reality, have you ever wondered what one must do to enter heaven?

 No matter what race you are, what gender you are, there is only one way through life that can take you to heaven. The way to heaven is by loving your neighbour. You are to have faith and believe that whenever you love your neighbour, you are loving Jesus.

 Jesus died on the cross and through the cross Salvation was paid, and by His resurrection to heaven, the Father is waiting for you to join the Trinity in heaven. That is why Jesus was sent for mankind, to bring Salvation to all. And that is why Jesus told us to love our neighbour, so that to love Him and Salvation is ours in heaven.

 So, whenever you have an opportunity to love your neighbour, seek that opportunity and love as Jesus loved. Know that there are different ways how to love your neighbour. Treasure your neighbour, as loving your neighbour is the  way to heaven.

God Bless YouGeorge Calleja (Christian Author)

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