The Void That shines – where words don’t reach.

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By Tony Macelli. Now on sale at Amazon.  Find it on by searching for the “The Void That Shines” on Kindle full colour eBook Eur3.15.   Monochrome unabridged economy paperback edition: Eur 5.87. Full colour paperback edition Eur 17.49

This is a joyful, grateful honouring of awareness, existence, cosmos, life, humanity, love. It celebrates spirit that pervades all, evoking compassion and joy, healing and tempering suffering, integrating seen and unseen, sustaining and enveloping the life and service of any seeker along the path. The pilgrimage surfs the sustaining radiance of the fullness and the pregnant silence. You are included in the Oneness, the gratitude, and the joy.

Poems are displayed in seven chapters as waystations on a journey. Each poem is accompanied by a related painting or graphic. Poems and pictures are by the author, but each poem is illustrated also by a small collection of related quotations from various authors.

Here you will find words that never wither. Sometimes it’s enough to take just one quotation, chew it well or just let it ferment by itself… for it to take you right to the edge. Or perhaps you might subtly ask what the connection may be between a poem, a picture, and a quotation. And then wait quietly until an answer overflows.

Organised along a spiritual journey, here are over 60 new poems, 60 new illustrations, and 60 small collections of related quotations. Enjoy the verse, the visuals, and the quotes on your own journey.

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