A book about the devotion of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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The Confraternity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Brown Scapular

Editor Mark Agius M.D.

This book is an attempt to bring together in one place all that is known about the devotion of the Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which is so widespread in Malta.

The Editor has included translations into  English of important Maltese Mariologsts, as well as his own research.

The Book is divided into five parts.

Part One is essentially the early history of the Carmelite Order. It includes information about what is presently known about the beginnings of the Order,  the Vision in Which Saint Simon Stock received the Scapular from Our Lady and information about the Sabbatine Privilege.  It also describes the beginnings of the Order in Malta, and explains how Saturday became a day associated with Our Lady, why the feast of the 16th July developed,  and why the Scapular is a sign of Consecration to Our Lady. It also describes what Saints and Popes have said about the Scapular.

Part Two is a catechesis on the Brown Scapular by Fr. Ewgenju Tonna O.Carm, based on the Novena del Carmine by Padre Ludovico Saggi O.Carm. ( which was originally published in Maltese with part four).

Part Three describes the Anthropology of the Scapular, that is, how the Scapular is celebrated by the People in Various Countries. We discuss how Our Lady of Mount Carmel became the patroness of the Sailors in the Mediterranean, Why in Italy She is patroness of Builders in Italy.  Why she is still Celebrated in Brittany ,  in Haifa in the Holy Land, and even in Ukraine. We see how The Italians of New York celebrate the 16th July, How She became Patroness of Chile, as well as of many South American Armies, How she is celebrated in the Phillipines , as well as  in the Andes. We note the many Sanctuaries of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Italy, and we discuss many famous stories of Graces received, including some in Malta. We describe what Saints and Popes have said about the Scapular.

Part Four is the story of the Wednesdays ‘Tal-Udjenza’ , a very particularly Maltese devotion. It is a translation of the work of Father Valentin Borg Gusman, with added chapters by Dr. Mark Agius. It also contains Fr. Charlo Camilleri’s description of the Crowned Painting in Valletta.

Part Five is a series of Chapters by Dr.Agius, in which he describes how Carmelites have understood the Scapular to be a constant living in Union with God through being in Union with Our Lady. This is done by seeking relevant quotations from the Carmelite Saints, and gradually building up a ‘model’ of how the Carmelites pray and relate to Our Lady and Her Son.

This book is of Interest to all devotees of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, as well to all Collectors of Melitensia, because it describes in particular how an important devotion of a Religious Order  developed in Malta into a National Devotion.

The book is available from Librerija Preca at 205 St. George Preca Road, Marsa MRS 9010 Malta  at a cost of 25 euro per copy.