There are no limits to loving 

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May the blessings and peace of the Lord be with you. I hope that you are fine and in the best of health. I would like to share with you my Monthly Reflection for November 2022 about ‘There are no limits to loving’, which I hope would fill you with encouragement in your spiritual life and that you share with your friends, relatives, and on social media. I hope that this reflection also helps you to continue to love each person through the love of Christ.

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While I hope that you appreciate the contents provided to you through this email, I assure you of my prayers.

God bless you, take care and always stay safe and love your neighbor.

George Calleja (Christian Author)————————————————-

There are no limits to loving                                

Loving one another through the love of God is what humanity requires. The calling of each person is to love without limits. There are no limits in loving, as the love of God has no boundaries, makes no distinction, and has no preferences. The love of God is perfect and is loving endlessly.

Every human being is loved by God, even though not everyone loves God. God’s love keeps loving, keeps loving in a new way each day, and keeps loving everyone with patience, comfort, caring, and forgiving.

To love is to love in every situation in life. We are to love so peace will reign. We are to love so that injustices do not occur. We are to love as Jesus did, to love without limits.

God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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