A Blessed Christmas to all 

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May the blessings and peace of the Lord be with you always. I hope that you have a Blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Thanks a lot for your constant support during this year, for your prayers and feedback. I promise you to continue to share the Good News with you during 2023 and will always keep you in my prayers.

So, this Monthly Reflection for December 2022 is A Blessed Christmas to all’. I hope that through this reflection you open your heart to baby Jesus.
As indicated in my Newsletter, it is a pleasure for me to provide you with the link to the podcast, where I shared about ‘The 9th and 10th Commandments: You Shall Not Covet’. I hope that you have time to listen to this podcast and to re share the below link with your relatives and friends.


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God bless you and keep loving your neighbor during the coming year.

George Calleja (Christian Author)————————————————-

A Blessed Christmas to all                                             

So, we are in the Christmas period once again. A period that is supposed to bring peace and joy to all. But in reality, many people during the period of Christmas do not feel the happiness, peace and joy. 

Christmas is the period to focus on our spiritual life, to invite the Lord and reopen our heart to Him. Christmas is to let Jesus back into our lives, to experience His love and to give this love to others.

My Christmas wish is that all may truly experience God’s love, to follow Him and be blessed through His love. I pray that the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord, be the gifts that you live and receive this Christmas and throughout the coming year.

Wishing you all a Blessed Christmas.

God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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