When one generation no longer esteems it’s own heritage …

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Another amazing quote from Winston Churchill.  Something this generation MUST hear!
winston-churchill.jpg“One of the signs of a great society is the diligence with which it passes culture from one generation to the next.  This culture is the embodiment of everything the people of that society hold dear: its religious faith, it’s heroes…..when one generation no longer esteems it’s own heritage and fails to pass the torch to its children, it is saying in essence that the very foundational principles and experiences that make the society what it is are no longer valid.  This leaves that generation without any sense of definition or direction, making them the fulfillment of Karl Marx’s dictum, ‘A people without a heritage are easily persuaded.’  What is required when this happens and the society has lost its way, is for leaders to arise who have. It forgotten the discarded legacy and who loves it with all their hearts.  They can then become the voice of that lost generation, wooing an errant generation back to the faith of their fathers, back to the ancient foundations and bedrock values….(Never Give In, The Extraordinary Character of Winston Churchill, Page 190)

Author: Joe Farrugia

Segretarjat għal-Lajċi.

One thought on “When one generation no longer esteems it’s own heritage …”

  1. This is a great quote, but it is NOT a quote from Churchill. It’s a quote from Mansfield in a book about Churchill.

    Mansfield, S. (1996). Never give in: The extraordinary character of Winston Churchill. Elkton, MD: Cumberland House Publishing.

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