Life is for everyone…

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Every morning and during every moment of my life, I thank God for my life. I thank my parents for educating me and being with me in every moment of my life.

 Life is a joy to live, even when one faces difficult moments in life. The joy of life only comes through God. God who created us, and loves each person in a personal way.

 Life is for everyone. The joy of life is already present in the womb. For in Luke 1:44, Elizabeth upon hearing Mary’s greeting when visiting her, Elizabeth proclaimed that, ‘the baby in my womb leaped for joy….

 Let the babies in their mother’s womb live, let them experience the joy of life.

 Every person in the world is called to love, to love all mankind and to love the babies in their mother’s womb. Life is for everyone… including all babies in their mother’s womb.

God Bless You

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