A Christmas prayer

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Lord Jesus,

It is another Christmas to remember of your birth.

To recall your goodness for being born to save us.

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for being amongst us.

Forgive us for our sins.

Lord Jesus,

This Christmas make it special for those who are sick, bring healing to their lives.

Be with those who are dying, and comfort them with your love.

Help the broken families, to be reunited through your grace.

For all those who persecute the Church and live a life of despair, give them your peace in a mysterious way.

Lord Jesus,

Thank you for being such a lovely gift to all those who have faith.

Strengthen their faith, to continue to share your love with others.

Be with us, as we share the Good News.

Make this Christmas, a blessing for all.

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God Bless You

George Calleja (Christian Author)

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