The Cross… is the way to Salvation

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Monthly reflection by George Calleja. March 2018

Every person carries a different cross in life. This cross can easily burden a person’s life. For certain people the cross means only something negative such as a particular experience, loss of a dear family member or friend, being homeless, being a sick person, being a drug addict.
The cross in itself is not something pleasant to have and live with. The cross has another dimension in it which every person needs to discover. The Cross… is the way to Salvation. Jesus died on the Cross to bring Salvation to all people, to all nations.

It is not easy to accept the cross in life. But, it is possible to live the cross through the grace and love of Jesus. This is possible through a personal relationship with Jesus. A relationship that overcomes any cross in one’s life, a relationship that focus on Salvation.

By truly living the cross through His grace, a person can show the love of Christ to other people. This can be done by appreciating someone who visits you while being sick or receiving a phone call for encouragement. A homeless person can give a smile to a person providing food or clothes. The cross is an opportunity to receive hope, love, care, comfort, material goods from other persons and also for the person carrying the cross to reciprocate through prayer, a smile and thanking the other person.

The strength to carry a cross is only through Jesus. One is to trust in Him, have hope in Him, and to always remember that the Cross… is the way to Salvation.

Author: Joe Farrugia

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