‘All you have to do is always to Love’

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Short Reflection by George Calleja

Everyday and in every moment of our lives we are called to Love.  Love is to be given to others in every situation we find ourselves in. In the good experiences and even in the difficult situations we are to give Love to others.

It sounds easy… but it is not that easy to do.  The Good News is that it is possible, that you give this Love to others.  This is possible through the Love of Christ… the Son of God.

Jesus is calling each and everyone of us to give His Love to others.  You can be that instrument, through Jesus Love, so that you give His Love to others.

Jesus is calling you, to love everyone, without any exceptions, just to Love, Love and Love.  I pray that you be able to overcome every hurdle you face that hinders you from Loving.  Always remember, that Jesus Loves you, and that through His grace you are able to Love the people you meet everyday.

So go, all you have to do is always to Love!

In peace and unity,

George Calleja

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Author: Joe Farrugia

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