Residenti u ħaddiema tad-djar għall-anzjani tal-Knisja jżuru s-Santwarju tal-Madonna ta’ Pinu

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The 400th anniversary of the Madonna ta’ Pinu painting is being commemorated by the Gozo Diocese with a Marian year which ends on the eve of the Santa Maria feast. As one of the initiatives, Fr Gerard Buhagiar, Rector of Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary, invited the elderly residents residing within the Church Homes for the Elderly to attend a ‘Marian morning’ at Ta’ Pinu Sanctuary, on Wednesday 24th April 2019.



The aim of the event was to assist the elderly to renew their devotion to Our Lady ta’ Pinu and embrace the actual teaching of the 1883 event which had its origins from this painting.

A number of residents from Casa Leone, Dar Saura, Holy Family Home and Dar Sant’Anna attended this event which was organised and coordinated by Nicolette Scerri, the Church Homes for the Elderly Activity Coordinator.

Mass was celebrated by the Gozo Bishop Mario Grech followed by Marian songs led by Joe Aquilina and his music ministry. The music ministry organises ‘An hour with Jesus’ at Casa Leone in St Julians every Wednesday afternoon in which residents, relatives and employees attend. However, everyone is invited.

Fr Gerard Buhagiar distributed blessed rosary beads of Ta’ Pinu to all the elderly residents who attended this event.

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